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MOE Forum 2020 (2 Days with simultaneous interpretation)

We have been holding MOE Forum for over 20 years in Tokyo to introduce the latest information and application examples of MOE. This year, we organize MOE Forum 2020 as Webinar on ZOOM1)amidst COVID-19 outbreak.

Taking advantage of online hosting, we expand the contents and hold it for two days from September 3rd to 4th. In addition, Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation2–4) will be available for participants from outside of Japan.
The schedules and contents are shown in the PROGRAM below. Please REGISTER and participate in MOE Forum 2020. If you would like to use Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation system, please register by August 27th.
No previous MOE software experience is required to participate in MOE Forum 2020.
  1. Meeting ID and Password will be sent to participants on September 2nd.
  2. In order to listen to simultaneous interpretation voice, it is necessary to access interprefy with Google Chrome or to install interprefy app (free) on your device in advance. You can listen to the main voice from ZOOM and listen to the simultaneous interpretation voice from interprefy app. Please download the user manual of interprefy from the links below.
  3. The ‘token’ for interprefy will be sent to participants on September 2nd.
  4. You will be charged for the communication cost for listening to the simultaneous interpretation voice.

Schedule and Site

Date and TIme Site
First day:
September 3rd, 2020
Second day:
September 4th, 2020
* Meeting ID and Password will be sent on September 2nd.

Registration Fee



September 3rd REGISTER
Time Title Speaker Laguage
13:00–13:10 Opening remarks Junichi Goto,
13:10–13:30 Introduction to MOE 2019.01 Kinya Toda,
13:30–14:00 In Silico Modeling Tools for PROTAC-Mediated Ternary Complexes
( Abstract  )
Kentaro Kamiya,
14:00–14:30 [Invited talk]
Research on pocket prediction using 3D-CNN
( Abstract  )
Takeshi Baba,
Toray Industries, Inc.
14:30–14:45 break
14:45–15:15 [Invited talk]
My experience with structure-based ligand design (SBDD)
( Abstract  )
Qian Liu,
Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.
15:15–15:45 [Invited talk]
Semi-automation of in silico analysis using MOE and KNIME
( Abstract  )
Akitoshi Okada,
Japan Tobacco Inc.
15:45–16:15 Development of Tools to Build model and Predict Antigenic Peptide for HLA
( Abstract  )
Shinji Amari,
16:15–16:30 Q & A
September 4th REGISTER
Time Title Speaker Laguage
10:00–10:40 MOEsaic: Guiding Multi-Parameter Optimization in Ligand-Based Design.
( Abstract  )
Fred Parsons,
Chemical Computing Group ULC
10:40–11:20 Developability Assessment and Property Prediction by pH-Dependent Conformational Sampling.
( Abstract  )
David Thompson,
Chemical Computing Group ULC
11:20–12:00 MOE 2020 Release Overview Matthias Keil,
Chemical Computing Group ULC
12:00–13:00 break
13:00–14:00 MOE2020、PSILO2020 demo Yoshiro Kimura,
14:00–14:30 [Invited talk]
Quantum Structural Life Science by Combining FMO and Structural Biology
( Abstract  )
Kaori Fukuzawa,
Hoshi University
14:30–15:00 Introduction to MOE Antibody Design Application
( Abstract  )
Takashi Ikegami,
15:00–15:15 break
15:15–15:45 Introduction to PSILO
( Abstract  )
Yoshiro Kimura,
15:45–16:15 [Invited talk]
Considering what’s the literacy to extract useful information for drug discovery from amino acid sequence
= In order to use MOE more effectively=
(Abstract in preparation)
Hiroki Shirai,
Astellas Pharma Inc.
16:15–16:30 Closing

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Title: MOE Forum 2020 (Sep. 3rd–4th with simultaneous interpretation)
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